Telehealth Registration

Rules and Regulations 135.

A. Telehealth, regardless of where the service is rendered or delivered, constitutes the practice of audiology or speech-language pathology and shall require Louisiana licensure for in-state practitioners and telehealth registration for out-of-state licensed practitioners.

B. A provider of telehealth services shall be competent in both the type of services provided and the methodology and equipment used to provide the services.

C. A provider of telehealth services must use methods for protecting client information that include authentication and encryption technology.

D. The standard of care shall be the same as if the audiology or speech-language pathology services were delivered face-to-face. It is the responsibility of the provider to determine candidacy and to ensure that the client is comfortable with the technology being utilized.

E. The client shall be notified of telehealth services including but not limited to the right to refuse telehealth services, options for service delivery, and instructions on filing and resolving complaints, in all applicable jurisdictions.


Continuing Education
Rules and Regulations 127.F.

Out-of-state audiologists and speech-language pathologists who hold telehealth registration shall complete the continuing education requirements consistent with the license the individual possesses for the state in which the provider is located. Telehealth registrants residing in states which do not require continuing education for audiologists and/or speech-language pathologists shall complete the annual continuing education requirements specified in this Section and may be audited.


Application for Practice via Telehealth