Continuing Education

Each licensee shall complete continuing professional education activities of at least ten (10) clock hours each license period, July 1 through June 30.

Of the ten hours, five shall be educational activities directly related to the scope of practice of the licensee and must be designed to increase the knowledge and skills in the area of licensure. 

Of the 10 hours, five may be in areas related to the professions of audiology and speech-language pathology.  Such activities shall increase knowledge and skills pertinent to practice.  Examples include: billing; coding and reimbursement; record-keeping; ethics; supervision.

Additional information regarding continuing education can be found in Rule 127 of the Board's Rules and Regulations.

Continuing Education Events Held in June

Continuing education events occurring in the month of June, will be accepted for the collection period in which they occur or they may be counted in the following collection period which begins on July 1. Hours from one event may not be divided between two collection periods.

Hearing Aid Dispensing

Audiologists who dispense shall ensure that at least three of the total ten (10) hours are in areas directly related to hearing aid dispensing, such as business/practice managment, marketing, aural habilitation/rehabilitation, diagnostic assessment, characteristics of hearing aids and their application, etc.  In the event that an Audiologist has not dispensed hearing aids from July 1 - June 30 of the renewal period, they may choose to opt out of hearing aid dispensing, waiving the 3 hour hearing aid dispensing continuing education requirement for that renewal period.

Dual Licensees

Dual licensees shall complete fifteen hours per year with a minimum of five hours in audiology and five hours in speech-language pathology; the remaining five may be in areas related to the professions of audiology and speech-language pathology. Related activities shall increase knowledge and skills pertinent to practice. Examples including: billing; coding and reimbursement; record-keeping; ethics; supervision.

Continuing Education Extension

In the case of extenuating circumstances, if a licensee does not fulfill the continuing education requirements, the licensee shall submit a written request for extension to the Board for consideration.

Inactive Status

Inactive Status is granted to licensees who are retired or who do not practice audiology or speech-language pathology during the fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). For example, if you have worked one hour, you are not eligible to claim inactive status. Inactive Status is an option where your can keep your license current, but you are simply retiring your continuing education for the year.

If you wish to claim inactive status for the year, you must complete a Renewal Application online and submit the renewal fee.

In order to resume the practice of audiology or speech-language pathology, licensees on inactive status shall demonstrate completion of five clock hours of continuing education in the area of licensure for each year that inactive status was maintained (maximum 25 hours).

The inactive licensee may submit the required five hours of continuing education each year he/she is on inactive status or submit all of the hours the year he/she returns to work in the profession.

Continuing Education Pre-Approval

Pre-approval is required for continuing education events that do not meet the requirements as listed under §127.K.1-11, and pre-approval of continuing education events is required in those situations where it is unclear whether the topic is relevant to the profession or will further a professional's expertise in a particular area.

Licensees shall request pre-approval of activities a minimum of thirty (30) days in advance.

Individuals not licensed by LBESPA as well as corporations offering continuing education not addressed under §127.K. must submit a fifty dollar ($50) continuing education review fee along with the Pre-Approval Request.

Continuing Education Pre-Approval Form


A percentage of licensees will be audited each year as a means of evaluating compliance with the continuing education requirements.  The Board may request, through random audit, verification of clock hours submitted, including information regarding content and attendance. If the title of the activity does not clearly state the content, a description and/or time-ordered agenda may be required.

Comparison of ASHA Certification Maintenance and LBESPA CE Requirements

Record of Continuing Education Activities

Licensees shall maintain records of continuing education activities completed for three years.

Licensees shall not submit repeatead continuing education activities for credit within a three-year period.